How to create an ad

Follow these steps to add your ad about a lost of found item.

Get registered at the website.

Enter the website using your login and password.

Choose the ad type you want to place: Lost/Stolen or Found.

Make a short title.

If a document is lost, please indicate the family name stated in the document in the language of the document. ATTENTION: do not indicate series and number of a document. Do not indicate your registered address and date of birth.

Follow the same in case a document is found but also please state full name and patronymic of the owner.

Please fill in all obligatory fields.

Text description.

Please try to put in all details regarding the item lost or found, it will make it more likely that the person in question will learn about it. But do not use series and numbers of documents, so that fraudsters could not make use of them.

Please indicate the following:

  • City, region
  • Specific location: street, route, region, metro stаtion or direction
  • Transport where the item could get lost, indicating transport type and route number
  • Location: college, shop, restaurant, cinema, stadium, riverside…
  • Item type: ladies’ bag, children’s glasses, laptop, tablet, camera, pet, money…
  • Contents: backpack containing manuals, purse containing credit cards…
  • Time of a loss if known. If not know, time of the day
  • Reimbursement if you are ready to pay for the return

    IMPORTANT: Please make a more detailed description about your lost item so that the person who found it could easily identify that the ad was placed by the person who lost it and not a stranger who learnt about the loss. When you place an ad about a found item, please make the description shorter so that people who wish to get someone else’s item could not claim themselves as an owner.

    Please choose a date in the calendar.

    If the exact date is unknown, please choose the approximate date and state it in the ad description.

    Please choose categories.

    Please choose all categories related to the lost or found item, i.e. if a bag containing driving license, laptop and earrings was lost of found, please choose “bag, laptop, document, jewellery”.

    Please upload an image of an item lost or found.

    A photo of an item lost or found is very helpful for visitors to search for a relevant ad at the website. Of course there is no point of and is even dangerous to show your credit card or passport page showing series and number. But if you lost a bracelet or an earring, purse of a bad, package, suitecase, if your bike or a car were stolen, a quadrocopter or a parrot gone missing, or a cat or a dog, it will be helpful to use their photo or find a similar image on the web and add it to the ad.

    If at the moment of ad placement you don’t have a suitable image, you can place your ad without it and add it later.

    Please indicate the address.

    First enter the city/village name in the “Address” field using a relevant selection from the options offered by the search engines. If it is defined correctly, then relevant country, region, city/village name will be shown in the lower lines. Now you can input an exact or approximate location in the first line instead of the city name, i.e. street and house number or without it, shop, bus station, lake, residential complex etc. If the search engine identifies them, please choose them by clicking at the relevant tine. If not, please try using a different location or leave it blank, just keep the city name in the address field.

    If you don’t know the location where an item was lost, for example, during intercity travelling, please place several ads with different theoretical locations.

    Please add your contact details for the website visitors.

    You can add your phone number, email and personal Facebook page, but you can leave it blank. If this case you will be contacted with the help of comments under your ad. But if you know how to identify a fraudster and are not afraid to be contacted by phone, please use your phone number so that you get contacted faster.

    Publish your ad.

    After checking by the moderator, ad will appear on the site.