How to get your item

Administration of “Lost and Found” has no relation to items which are placed on this web site. FoundLost.Info cannot affect cost, time of storage of the item and compensation for return of items.

Terms of return

Normally when a lost item, document or a pet is found, it’s returned to the owner free of charge. In this case it’s up to the owner to pay up for return.

In case of return of a lost pet, one should take into account expenses for food and possibly veterinary treatment in case it was urgently required and supporting documentation is available.

Additionally the owner of a lost item can inform when publishing his ad that he is ready to pay up a certain amount for the item return.

If a found item is stored in the official lost and found offices (metro, railway station etc), it might be required to pay for storage service according to the official rates.

Please do not pay for return of an item via payment terminals, telephones and other electronic payment system till the moment of return of an item not to be cheated by fraudsters.

How long and where are the found items stored?

In most cases the person that found an item is storing it. But in case of documents, they are often delivered to the company that issued them (police, bank, university, hospital) or at work place of the found item owner.

Time of storage by an individual depends on a personal decision. In case of storage by a company, terms and conditions apply, and after expiration the item can be destroyed or sold.